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Tissue Bank

Tissue Donation

The term “donation” describes the highly humane act of donating cells or tissues to transplant a patient in need or for medical purposes. The European Commission and Parliament have defined tissue donation as a priority in the health systems of the EC member states.

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The development of Program for participation in the European Exchange Pool for Tissues, Cells and Allograft Products provides Bulgarian patients free access to high-tech tissue transplant products (allografts) that are not covered by Bulgarian NHIF clinical pathways.

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Tissue Bank “Osteocentre Bulgaria” holds the first tissue establishment authorization license in Bulgaria, and participate in intra-Community and international tissue exchange under the Law on Transplantation of organs, tissues and cells.

The tissue bank operates in compliance with the international quality standards ISO and European Directive 2004/23/EC.

Osteocenter Bulgaria is a co-founder of the Bulgarian Association of Tissue Banks, which is an institutional member of the European Association of Tissue Banks.

19 years
of expertise in tissue procurement

Holder of the first
Tissue Establishment Authorization
License in Bulgaria

Co-founder of the Bulgarian Association of Tissue Banks

Operates in compliance with the international ISO quality standards, European directive 2004/23/EC

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We are building a bridge between life and death, so that compassion would reach those who need it.

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